Vancouver, BC elopement, adventure wedding, anniversary, and commercial photographer





I am extremely passionate about adventure travel. The kind that gives you goosebumps and pushes you out of your comfort zone. I’ve never been someone who enjoys all inclusive resorts. I simply cannot say I’ve visited a country from the comfort of a gated community. I want the raw moments, the pains, the local tastes, the smells both good and bad, you know, all the beautiful messiness that makes up a place.


I spent a number of years working as a scuba diving instructor in countries like the Cayman Islands, Palau, Greece, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. After photography, scuba diving is my second passion.

Our Planet

Because of my time working as a scuba diving instructor I witnessed first hand the dramatic changes our planet is going through, both on land and underwater. I care deeply about the food I consume, the clothes I wear, the waste I create, and my ability to contribute or not to the change, for the health of our planet.

your day

I am insanely passionate about creating images you’ll love. I mean really love! The ones you’ll wanna hang on your wall, even if that’s not something you even do. If it’s an hour or a full day of shooting I want to make sure you’re comfortable. Think of me as your weird third wheel, who makes mildly inappropriate jokes, but is also best friends with your family and guests.


my camera gear

sony a7r11

42.4 Megapixels of full frame goodness so that we can get those crisp shots of you, that CAN BE  blow up and put on your wall if you chose



50mm lens so that we can get those dreamy portraits while creating a beautiful blurry backgrounD
14MM Lens for those shots that require a super wide lens to catch everything in the background

dji mavic pro drone

a birds eye view of you in the elements

Q + A



How long have you been a photographer?

How long will it take to get my images back?

Can I get copies of the raw unedited photos?

What happens if the weather is shit on the day of our shoot?


I’ve been doing photography professionally for three years if I combine that with the years I just did it for fun it would be 12 years.

It will take between two weeks and two months depending on what kind of a session we do.

As I have worked very hard to be confident in my editing abilities through a large number of courses and mentoring I do not give out copies of the raw photos. I believe that as your photographer and editor it is my job to make sure you are provide with images that are timeless and ones you’ll love for years to come and my editing process is part of that.

Well we certainly cannot control the weather, however, we can make the best of it. I love photographs in the rain with a dark moody sky as the background, but if the weather is so bad that it will ruin your clothing or my camera gear then we will reschedule for a more cheery day.